Behind the Scene Rockstars

Hey There

We’re ​a team of link building experts ready to make your agency life hassle-free

We are also really fun to work with - just saying 🥳

Our Backstory

Back in 2019, we started with Rankdoo. Our focus: reinvigorating the SEO space with our specialized “Dash-based” services. It was a successful venture. However, it didn’t come without its fair share of challenges. But the challenges made us realize another opportunity. Link Building. Arguably the most laborious part of SEO and, yet, the one with the most significant impact. A process that stymies even the most well-structured organizations. Cue in Backlink Maven. A fully equipped link-building company created to help agencies take their mind off the tedious and focus on quality. We exist to let agencies cut expenses and opt for cost-efficient yet high-quality backlink services.

Our Culture

Every Facet of Our Culture Has Been Carefully Crafted

We have prioritized an open work atmosphere for our employees since the start of Rankdoo, and with Backlink Maven, that has remained our top priority.

Let's Talk Partnership
Task Ownership

We believe in letting our employees own their work, and strive to get results in their own way.

Uncompromising Ethics

We pledge to always act ethically and responsibly toward each other, our partners, and our clients.

Growth Mentality

Each of us is committed to improving both personally and professionally.

Employee First

Our motto is to value the people who help provide value to our clients.

Team at Bangladesh HQ

We hire the best, whether it’s from across the globe or our own backyard, and they always exceed all expectations when it comes to delivering value for customers

Faizur Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Rakib Chowdhury

VP, Operations

Fahim Ahmed

VP, Marketing

Fred Williams

VP, Sales

Tasneem Abrar

Sales Maven

Kazi Rafia

Outreach Maven

Syed Farabee Abbas

Sales Maven

Samantha Huq

Jr. Content Maven

Tahsin Noor

Jr. Content Maven

James Hilton

Sr. Growth Maven

Julia Park

Jr. Outreach Maven

Dipto Majul

Jr. Outreach Maven

Shahrear Mahfuz

Jr. Content Maven

Momin Miron

Graphics Maven