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OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based platform that provides workplace management solutions for companies.


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A SaaS company, for hybrid work management.

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"We've seen a significant increase in organic traffic of 88%, going from 14.5 thousand visitors in March 2022 to 27.4 thousand visitors in November 2022."
- David Hazelton, Growth Manager


We’ve been working with Officespace, a SaaS company, for hybrid work management. Although they’ve invested in paid traffic, which resulted in temporary increases in traffic, they themselves knew that investing in linkbuilding is the most sustainable solution for the future.

Our Strategy

We focused on a white-hat outreach method, earning tons of links from other brands and SaaS companies which had approachable content marketing teams that we generally work with. We had to really scale outreach to a very high level in order to keep consistently delivering amazing links, which is always one of the biggest challenges with a project like this. We started on their project in March 2022 where their goal was to increase their organic traffic. The hardest part was building links to very specific pages on our client’s website, which meant we really had to get creative with our link prospecting in order to find content creators that fit the bill. Once we got our system up and running, we were able to consistently build a huge volume of amazing links from some super high authority websites.


After working with Officespace on their link building strategy, we have noticed a significant shift in their traffic and their domain authority as well.